Winter 2022 Training Series

Once again, HVO and WCOC are pleased to host a series of bare-bones, time-yourself orienteering races this winter. Each event offers a Brown, Green and Red course, and participants download the maps from a link posted on this site. Control flags will be out in the woods for about four weeks. You run whenever you want while the flags are out. The races are honor system based with no boxes/punches on the controls, just touch the flag (no remote visual punching).

Courses are available for Huntington State Park in Bethel/Redding, CT from January 1 to January 22. Joe Brautigam has set 3 courses:

Red (7.3 k), Green (5.2 k) and Brown (3.6 k). Print Red/Brown landscape and Green portrait. Red course prints to 1:10,000 scale while Green and Brown use 1:7,500.

Park at the Sunset Hill Road lot (this is the main lot, with statues). Note that there are no control codes on the flags. A link to the maps, and additional info, can be found here. You can see any results that people post on the event AttackPoint page

By entering these events and agreeing to the conditions above, each participant in any or all of the Winter Series events assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and other damages that he or she incurs while attending or participating in the Winter Series events. These are training courses and not organized events. Please observe all County, State and Federal regulations that may be in place.

Winter Series Coordinators:
HVO: Geof Connor,

WCOC: Niels Lyng-Olsen,

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