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Useful Links

  • Attackpoint. Good place for discussions of orienteering events, training, and a variety of topics related to orienteering. You can log your workouts and see a list of orienteering and related events across the country and internationally. After attending an event, you'll usually find the results listed on Attackpoint along with a listing of splits. The split listings have more information than shown on our website. For example, it will show you which controls it has calculated that you had errors on and the estimated time lost. It shows you your placement for each leg and highlights those you were fastest on. 

  • Orienteering USA. Website for the national organization, with links to other orienteering clubs, and further information on orienteering. It contains useful information for those who are new to the sport or who want to improve, including videos on how to use specific strategies such as relocating and using attackpoints. Click the "New to O" link for these resources.

  • WCOC Facebook page
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