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2024 Results


Courses will be available for most events on shortly after the event is over. Livelox allows you to upload GPS tracks and watch your route tracks on the course map. You can also view the routes of other participants who upload their tracks and compare multiple peoples' tracks. If you recorded your route using a GPS tracking device, you can upload them to Livelox. 


March 30, Gay City State Park, to see splits, go to AttackPoint

April 20, Huntington State Park, to see splits, go to AttackPoint
   Note: The Clear box mysteriously went missing for a while during registration (and was later found) so a few people did a course without being timed. Our apologies to those who participated but are not listed in the results. 
April 28, Pond Mountain, to see splits, go to AttackPoint
May 11, Sprints at UConn, got to AttackPoint

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