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2017 Results


December 2   RHINO Night-O

November 19 Tarrywile Park

October 28  Simsbury Town Forest
October 22  Ansonia Nature Center

September 24 Huntington State Park
September 2  Corn Maze Champs:
                       For splits, see the AttackPoint event page.


June 17  Ratlum Mountain

June 3  Hurd State Park

May 24  World Orienteering Day

May 21  Osbornedale State Park

May 7  Billygoat

             Billygoat Splits

             Goat's Report

             Niels' Analysis

             Billygoat Map


April 30  Stratton Brook State Park


March 12  Huntington Bike/Foot-O


January 15  Bethel Schools Sprints

                     Bethel Schools Splits

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