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Billygoat #42 Information--Canceled










Otis says:   Welcome to the 42nd annual Billygoat run! Below is all the information you need.

Date, Time, and Location


Date:          Sunday, September 6, 2020

Start Time:  11:00 AM

Location:     Pond Mountain, Kent, CT

                  Google Maps Link:

                  (This is the location of the check-in desk and assembly area. Parking is across the street.)

Important Deadlines and Times

Wednesday, August 19:   Last day to register and (i) get the special discount for previous Billygoat t-shirts you've earned, and (ii) be assured of getting a t-shirt (we have to place the shirt orders the next day). 

Monday, August 31 (midnight):    Registration closes for both the Billygoat and Pygmy Goat.  (If you want to register after this date, contact the meet director at There is a good chance we'll be able to add you in, but no guarantees.)

Sunday, September 6, 9:00 AM:    Check-in desk opens. Sign the waiver, and verify your info (e.g., SI number) is correct.

Sunday, September 6, 11:00 AM:  Start of the 42nd Billygoat (mass start). The Pygmy Goat will start at the same time. There will be a walk to the start, so be prepared well before this.

Registration Fees

We're doing a slightly modified fee arrangement this year. If you are an adult (over 20 years old day of race), and assuming you register and pay before the 8/19/20 deadline, your Billygoat registration fee will be $30, minus $1 for each Billygoat t-shirt you've earned in the past, to a minimum of $0. So your registration fee will be between $0 and $30, depending on the number of shirts you earned previously.

For juniors (20 or younger day of race), your fee will be $20, minus $1 for each Billygoat t-shirt you've earned. (Again assuming you register and pay before the 8/19/20 deadline).

We'll provide a link on the registration page where you can check how many Billygoat t-shirts you've earned in the past.

For the Pygmy Goat, the registration fee is a flat $20.

How to Register

For Billygoat adult (over 20 day of race) registration, click here: Billygoat Adult Registration

For Billygoat junior (20 or younger day of race) registration, click here: Billygoat Junior Registration

For Pygmy Goat registration, click here: Pygmy Goat Registration

Miscellaneous Information

As usual, you must finish within 3 1/2 hours to earn a Billygoat t-shirt. And as always, this is strictly enforced. You can take longer to complete the course, but without a t-shirt.

The major Billygoat traditions will be in effect, most notably (i) a skipped control (i.e., you may skip one control of your choosing), (ii) there will be a forked control (i.e., at some point in the course you go to one of two options, your choice), and (iii) following is explicitly allowed.

The Billygoat course will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 km long, with the shorter Pygmy Goat being around 7 km long. 

The course setter this year is Niels Lyng-Olsen; meet director is Rick DeWitt. If you have any questions, contact Rick at

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