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DIY Events

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) events work the same as our Winter Series training courses that we've offered with HVO for a number of years. Most events offer a Brown, Green and Red course and the flags are left out for several weeks. You can do a course whenever you want while the flags are out. You can download maps for DIY courses offered during our regular season from this page. The races are honor system based with no boxes/punches on the controls, just touch the flag (no remote visual punching!). Also, there are no numbers on the flags (the numbers on the clue sheets are for course setting purposes only). Sorry, no beginner courses will be available because we can't leave flags out that are visible from trails for weeks.

Maps are free to download. Donations of $5 are welcome and can be mailed in or given at an in-person event.

Participants can time themselves and can upload their results directly to the page for the event. Posting splits and GPS tracks are preferred, but not required.

Courses will be available for most events on Livelox allows you to upload GPS tracks and watch your route tracks on the course map. You can also view the routes of other participants who upload their tracks and compare multiple peoples' tracks. Be sure to record your route using a GPS (e.g., a Garmin watch) when you start your course so you can upload it later. 

Each participant in any DIY event assumes full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that he or she incurs while attending or participating in a DIY event. Downloading of any map constitutes agreement to this waiver.


Paugusset State Forest, starting May 28, 2024


  • Directions: Parking, start and finish are located at a small parking lot off Hanover Road, Newtown, CT near the Lake Lillinonah (Pond Brook) boat launch.


  • Course notes: The Upper Paugusset State Forest map used to be one of WCOC’s most interesting terrain for middle-distance style courses. A 2018 storm created significant tree fall damage throughout the park, including the middle section of the map around the highest points in the terrain. The current version of the orienteering map requires substantial updates, especially with regards to vegetation changes and adding new MTB trails. We are currently evaluating how much time and resources should be used to update the map. These BYOM courses allow WCOC members to visit some of the more runnable sections of the park to get an impression of the current situation in the woods. We plan to discuss WCOC’s current map projects at the summer meeting on June 15th.​

  • AttackPoint page:



These DIY events are for training purposes and not organized events. Each participant in any or all of the DIY events assumes full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that he or she incurs while attending or participating in the events. Please observe all County, State and Federal regulations that may be in place.

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