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WCOC Meet Results

Event: 30 Years at Pond Mtn National Ranking Event (A meet)

Date: Sept. 22, 2018

Location:  Kent, CT

Sincere thanks to everyone who made this happen:

Course Setter: Niels Lyng-Olsen

Meet Director: Rick DeWitt

Vetters: George and Lyn Walker

Start crew: Jim Henderson and Rich Nietupski

Finish and results: Rick and Susie DeWitt

Refreshments: Brett Schwartz

Registration: Walkers and Charlie DeWeese

Helpers: Earl LaVallee, Bill Duncan, Eric Schonenberg

Training event coordinator: Greg Ahlswede

Control pickup: Niels, Walkers, and Craig Weber (also serving as on-site medical personnel)

Special thanks to the Pond Mtn Land Trust and Steve Pener and family for enthusiastically allowing us to hold this event on Pond Mtn and on the Pener family property. Special special thanks to the sheep, donkeys and pigs for allowing us to encroach on (near) their territory.

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