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2018 Results


November 25  Sessions Woods


October 7   Hoyt Scout Camp


September 22  30 years at Pond Mtn National Ranking Event (A meet)




June 16  Ratlum Mountain


May 13  Billygoat at Blue Mountain


              Splits for Billygoat

              Splits for Pygmy

May 5    Paugussett State Forest

April 15  Gay City State Park

April 14 Huntington State Park

April 8   Ansonia Nature Center




WCOC/HVO Training Series 

      Note: To see splits for those who enter them, see Attackpoint results page for that training course. For example, click here for course 1 splits

      Course 1, Pound Ridge, NY

      Course 2, Huntington State Park, CT

      Course 3, Mountain Lakes, NY

      Course 4, Hemlock Hills, CT

2017 Results

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